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Re: Sheesh

Although a number of living birds dig nesting burrows in the ground, and a number of others are worm-eaters (kiwis do both), none of them are truly fossorial, even on islands such as New Zealand where there are no native terrestrial mammals that might compete with birds for a burrowing niche. I suspect that bipedal posture and the subsequent reduction/adaptation of the front limbs in birds and their ancestors may simply have taken them out of of the adaptive "zone" that would make the evolution of a truly fossorial form at all likely.

At 09:25 AM 24/10/2006, Tim Williams wrote:

Trevor Dykes wrote:

Burrowing for worms is best left to the experts, Roberts; mammals and
relatives.  /Haldanodon/, a docodont from the Upper Jurassic of Portugal
known from skulls, jaws and a partial skeleton, seems to have had tendencies
towards worm-mining, though not to the degree of specialisation shown by

There's also _Fruitafossor_. Maybe _Kryoryctes_ too.



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