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Re: Sheesh

T. Michael Keesey writes:
>>> More suprising still, to me, is the absence of secondarily aquatic
>>> dinosaurs.  So far as we can tell, they didn't make it back to the
>>> sea once in 150 million years,
> One subclade has done so repeatedly....

[*Draws deep breath*.  Please excuse me, Mike, I am not getting at you
particularly but this message is the straw that breaks this camel's


ALL RIGHT!  We GET IT!  We ALL UNDERSTAND that birds are dinosaurs.

Now can we please -- just occasionally -- have a conversation where,
when someone uses the word "dinosaur" in a context where is very, very
obviously means "non-avian dinosaur", they are allowed to do so
without half a dozen people leaping down their throats waving their
big cladistic banners?


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