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Re: Sheesh

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From: "evelyn sobielski" <koreke77@yahoo.de>
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 9:55 PM

At least until the full fallout of Mayr et al's study
of the Thermopolis Archie has settled in. I'd rather
like to see Confuciusornis removed from Aves sensu
stricto than Deinonychus included in it...

I think you've misunderstood. If anything is removed from Aves (...I wouldn't call that sensu stricto...), then it's good old Archie, not *Confuciusornis*, which nobody doubts is more closely related to Neornithes than Archie is.

Why did no dinosaurs become marine until the
advanced ornithurines? (E.g., hesperornithiforms and
various neornithines)

Hesperornithids, penguins, plotopterids, and mancalline auks, Pinguinus and Chendytes as borderline cases. Did I forget any?

All these belong to Ornithurae (Neornithes as a whole does).

the "Late Pleistocene supernova" theory

Never heard of that! Please explain. :-o

the Hesperornithes disappeared (which was some time before
the C/T, IIRC).

There are fragments in the Lance Formation which extends all the way to the K/Pg boundary.

(C = Carboniferous... "K" from German "Kreide" = chalk.)

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What kind of moron at Yahell! translated "the early bird catches the worm" _literally_!?! *Confuciusornis* catches the worm? What wisdom...