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Re: Sheesh

--- K and T Dykes <ktdykes@arcor.de> schrieb:

> <<So, let's ACTUALLY look at the situation, and
> perhaps ask the
> evolutionarily interesting question:>>
> Why have no birds, or indeed -as far as is known-
> archosaurs (sensu sort of
> traditional) never got around to giving birth to
> live young (sensu any way
> anybody chooses)?  Bearing that latter proviso in
> mind, some sharks, fish
> (sensu very loose indeed), frogs, reptiles of
> various persausions (or
> sauropsoids), scorpions...  Various lineages have
> manged this, but
> archosaurs seem uninterested in such experiments.

There bounces around some speculation that Hesperornis
may have been (ovo)viviparous, but IONO whether it was
more than just that (speculation). Love to see a ref
finally though.



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