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New Sauropod

Mike Taylor writes:
 > Jerry D. Harris writes:
 >  > It's like they're just coming out of the woodwork...
 >  > 
 >  > You, H., Li, D., Zhou, L., and Ji, Q. 2006. _Huanghetitan
 >  > liujiaxiaensis_, a new sauropod dinosaur from the Lower
 >  > Cretaceous Hekou Group of Lanzhou Basin, Gansu Province,
 >  > China. Geological Review 52(5):668-674.
 >  > 
 >  > I don't have a PDF (yet)...sorry!  For those of you trying to
 >  > squeeze it onto a cladogram, it's a basal titanosauriform.
 > Hi, Jerry.  Tim sent me a PDF which I'm attaching.  However, I
 > can't properly read it using any of my three PDF-reading programs
 > (xpdf, gv and AcroRead) so I hope you have better luck.

Oops -- cat's out of the bag.  Sorry, didn't mean to CC this to the
list.  Please burn this message and its parent, then pretend you never
saw them.

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