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Re: Fish with milk (Sheesh spinoff)

(*) Tom, didn't you  a few posts back applaud the insistence on not
writing "dinosaur" for "non-avian dinosaur," because such a usage
would be incorrect?  And haven't you, in responding to me, just  used
"fish" to mean  "non-tetrapod fish"?  (Grin!)

Maybe he used it to mean "actinopterygian". My thesis supervisor actually _is_ on a crusade to change the meaning of "fish" to "actinopterygian" -- a small change in terms of included species, a large one in terms of science! After all, the meaning of "fish" has already shrunk since the days of starfish, jellyfish and crayfish/crawfish*.

Besides, you wouldn't say "non-tetrapod fish" when you can say "non-tetrapod gnathostome/vertebrate/...", right?

* ...which is actually a misinterpretation of French écrevisse, not a deliberately coined compound with "fish".