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Re: Dinosaur a tecnical term; 3 specifically

On 10/26/06, Anthony Docimo <keenir@hotmail.com> wrote:

>Also, don't forget that this change in content has been a two-way street.
>Not only are birds now included in the Dinosauria, but there are taxa that
>were once described (scientifically) as dinosaurs but which were later
>removed from this group e.g., teratosaurs, hallopodids, revueltosaurs.

you can probably guess my question by now.  :D

when and what were those three?

Well ... Teratosaurus, Hallopus, and Revueltosaurus.

*blank look*

please, goodsir, pretend that not everybody has published their own website full of dinosaur information, and explain what those are.
(and when did they live?)

ps: if that was your attempt at humour, I apologize. If not, we shall see.

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