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RE: Siberian dinosaurs?

Anthony Docimo wrote:

I've heard of at least one dinosaur fossil discovered in Antarctica, so I figure the weather isn't a limiting factor.

Both were a lot warmer than they are today.

So...has anyone ever found dinosaur fossils in Siberia?

Yes. Various kinds of theropods, sauropods, and ornithischians have been found in Siberia (Russia between the Urals and th Pacific) and quite a few have been named. _Psittacosaurus sibiricus_ comes from Shestakovo, _Chilantaisaurus sibiricus_ from Buryata; both are Early Cretaceous. _Amurosaurus riabinini_, _Kerberosaurus manakini_ and _Olorotitan arharensis_ are Late Cretaceous hadrosaurs from the Russian Far East (Amur region). _Nipponosaurus sachalinensis_ is another LK hadrosaur, from Sakhalin (part of Japan when _N_ was discovered).



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