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Re: Dinosaur a tecnical term; fish is not (was RE: Fish with milk (Sheesh spinoff))

> essentialism. Types were  
> held to be the exemplars of some taxon (for
> instance, there was  
> commonly a "type species" for genera in the early
> 19thC), but they  
> did not have to bear all the characters of the
> taxon's other members. 

Every Linnean genus still requires a type species -
the one which is first described as member of that
genus or in cases like splits a newly designated one*.
Hence "name-bearing type". If you consider a genus a
clade (which it should ideally be), the type species
is the subclade where whe containing clade of which
bears that name if not a junior synonym. Thus, if the
type species gets removed from a genus, it takes the
genus name along with it. At least that's how it works
in zoology, but I think everywhere else too.


* Barring the fundamental assumption that no older
name would be available.

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