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Re: Siberian dinosaurs?

<<what, no Dyncodonts?  (hey, isn't there a Cretaceous one?)  :D>>

Dicynodonts aren't dinosaurs, Anthony, they're therapsids.  Isolated
Cretaceous bits of skull were reported from Australia.  I would mention the
description, but I've forgotten it.

Antactica has yielded at least one dicyonodont genus (I think there's more
than one, but I can't quite remember).  /Lystrosaurus/ has been found hiding
in the lowermost Lower Triassic of the Fremouw Formation, and that horizon
is termed the /Lystrosaurus/ Zone.  As in South Africa, it enjoyed the
company of /Thrinaxodon/, a roughly fox-sized cynodont, which probably
enjoyed eating its children.

The Fremouw Formation, Triassic Times in Antarctica