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Re: Emus a Model for Dinosaurs?

Michael Skrepnick wrote:

So if the center of locomotion shifts in neornithes forward from acetabulum to the knee, as a compensatory shift in the center of mass / gravity (due primarily to a reduction in the caudal series ), can we assume Caudipteryx grade animals also may have moved via a knee driven mechanism?

No, we cannot assume this.


Christiansen, P. and Bonde, N. (2002). Limb proportions and avian terrestrial locomotion. J. Ornithol. 143: 356-371.

Mentioned here:


Among other things, Christiansen and Bonde argue that _Caudipteryx_ did *not* have avian-style stride generation, contradicting the assertion of Jones et al. (2002) that _Caudipteryx_ did (and was therefore a secondarily flightless bird).

Jones, T.D., Farlow, J.O., Ruben, J.A., Henderson, D.M. and Hillenius, W.J. (2000). Cursoriality in bipedal archosaurs. Nature 406: 716-718.

Discussed here:




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