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UCMP 143274

Digging through some older stuff on my HD, I wonder:
what is it with the UCMP 143274 symphysis, the
supposed "Cretaceous parrot"? There was a recent paper
(Waterhouse in Historical Biology some months ago)
which mentioned that it was perhaps better interpreted
as a caenagnathid.

This fits what is known from "Tertiary" parrot
fossils, namely that the beak specialization is
crown-group psittaciform.

I wonder: while it is only a short time since the
Hist.Biol. paper came out, its citation list ends in
2004. Thus, there might have been additional
information on caenagnathids and/or UCMP 143274 -
there simply is no other data even remotely suggesting
an advanced parrot mandible might be found in Lance
Creek Formation sediments. 




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