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Re: Emus a Model for Dinosaurs?

Michael Skrepnick wrote-

Lack of a 4th trochanter would seem to be a far more overwhelming obstacle to performing traditional bipedal theropod locomotion ( where then in fact is the origin for a caudofemoral retractor in Caudipteryx? ) than the alternative, a primitive knee driven movement supported by slender femora. . . essentially, does a missing 4th + "convergent?" knee driven locomotion trump the lack of a derived ( if even necessary? ) robust femor ?

The absence of a fourth trochanter in itself probably had little effect on locomotion. Velociraptor's femur has a large fourth trochanter, for instance, while that of Deinonychus lacks even a discernable scar. Yet the genera are extremely similar in morphology otherwise, and Deinonychus certainly lacks neornithine proportions.

Mickey Mortimer