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Noasaurid relationships& reconstruction

The noasaurids and early abelisauroids are a group particularly hard to 
understand due to the lack of material, but I still have many questions 
regarding them due to the fact I'm working on my senior project and so on.

My questions are: Who decided Masiakasaurus knopfleri, Noasaurus leali, 
Ligabueino andesi, Elaphrosaurus bambergi and Deltadromeus agilis were related? 
Why (general idea + a little specifics?)? Are there any papers availible on 
Also concerning Noasaurs and dinosaur reconstructions in general, are there any 
papers availible on Noasaurus 1980, Noasaurus now, how the reconstruction's 
changed throughout the years, and if such papers aren't availible, do any of 
you have any insight on this? Such help would be very appreciated.


Luis Perez


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