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Re: Why did Phorusracids go extinct?

Bruce MacFadden reported at SVP that evidence from Florida suggesting Titanis 
walleri might have survived until about 15,000 years ago was not valid, leaving 
the oldest evidence of it from 2 million years ago. You'll find the 15,000 year 
date in some studies, but MacFadden ruled it out, leaving the oldest evidence 2 
million years go. That is consistent with the last evidence of the birds in 
South America, not with the spread of humans across the Americas.  

At 5:40 PM +0000 10/28/06, bucketfoot-al@justice.com wrote:
>Being that Phorusracos (Titanis) was one of the few
>South American critters to successfully spread to N.
>America following the creation of the Central American
>land bridge (while the N. American predators wiped out
>much of the S. American fauna as I recall), any ideas
>why it went extinct?  Any evidence that man had
>anything to do with it or does it vanish before the
>earliest evidence of man's arrival? 

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