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noasaurus revolution

No idea about Elaphro. I'd never had the chance to see
and yes, the mt III is, of course, typically wide, but
in the abelisaurids, mt III is DOUBLE than mt I and Mt
II. Anyway, I didn't saw Aucasaurus or the new perfect
abelisaurid of Juan Canale. We compared Velocisaurus
with the mt II of Masiaka and a fragmentary material
from Huincul Fm at Rio Negro (partially described by
Novas and Bandhyopadhyay studing the ungual claws).
Cheers. Sebastian

 --- Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com>

> Sebastian Apesteguia wrote:
> >Velocisaurids in South America and Madagascar
> >
> >
> [snip]
> >
> >Velocisaurus and Masiakasaurus share slender
> metatarsals II and IV, and 
> >very gracile and non-
> >raptorial pedal phalanges with a long dorsal
> process. These features, which 
> >distinguish them from >other abelisauroids, prompts
> the inclusion of the 
> >latter within Velocisauridae.
> Unless... these features are primitive for
> Abelisauroidea?   Or convergent 
> between _Velocisaurus_ and _Masiakasaurus_?  How
> does _Elaphrosaurus_ fit 
> in?
> (Playing Devil's Advocate here.)
> _Velocisaurus_ and _Masiakasaurus_ do share slender
> metatarsals II and IV.  
> _Masiakasaurus_ has metatarsal II narrower than both
> III and IV, as does 
> _Noasaurus_ and (I think) _Elaphrosaurus_.
> _Velocisaurus_ has metatarsals II and IV narrower
> than III.  The latter 
> condition is fairly typical of theropods, although
> this is exaggerated in 
> _Velocisaurus_ where the shafts of metatarsals II
> and IV are extremely thin.
> Cheers
> Tim
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