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RE: List User-related request

Except that he is correct.  A myth is a sacred story or deeply held belief to 
explain the universe.  It is neither true
nor false, but a set of deeply held beliefs.  To put down other religious 
beliefs, people use the term to mean false,
but that is not really its meaning.

I thought science was about falsifiable hypothesis and religion was about 
truth.  Am I wrong?

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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dora Smith

> Glen, I'm sorry the term myth disturbs you, but myth is a 
> standard term for a scientific idea that lacks adequate proof 
> or that has been disproven but 
> still has devoted adherents.    Humans are an ideological 
> species, and 
> science contains as many myths as any other field of endeavor.
> I am personally a little tired of hearing half the things I 
> say called myth, especially when I really didn't know I was 
> saying something I was saying something I was likely to be 
> expected to put up a protracted argument to 
> defend ; but it goes with the territory.   Why would anyone 
> who didn't feel 
> strongly about truth bother to be a scientist?
> I don't intend to stop using the term.