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RE: List User-related request

To return to Earth: The request, while reasonable, places restrictions upon
accepted usage (whether or not correct), and consequently sacrifices
reasonable communication to personal and restrictive preferences.  Every
individual has the right to be offended by whatever they deem appropriate,
with the understanding that it is unconstraining to others.

William Darr

> Of course, it's all got to do with what you mean by "truth" or "*the* 
> truth", but I think the line that science is not about finding truth is an

> odd one, and certainly not a necessary part of falsificationism.

This could quickly turn into a philosphical debate that has little (if 
anything) to do with dinosaurs. 

Ultimately, of course, there is no such thing as 'truth' as far as proof 
goes. It's an absolute concept that can never be proven absolutely (even a 
99.999% likelihood is still not absolute enough). The best science can come 
up with are 'facts', which are thought (at the time) to be close enough to 
the truth (ie. the absolute state of affairs) to be workable. Of course, 
yesterdays fact can become tomorrows fiction very easily (and the day after 
that, the erroneously labeled fiction can become fact again). ____________