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Re: Lampreys Haven't Changed Much In 360 my

On 10/29/06, Richard W. Travsky <rtravsky@uwyo.edu> wrote:
It reveals that the anatomical evolution of lampreys is more conservative
than scientists thought, Coates added. Although they've gotten slightly
longer, they specialized early and successfully and thus appeared to have
stayed much the same for the past 360 million years.

What is the criteria for say that one organism is "specialized"? Since there are thousands of dimension in a hypervolumetric ecological niche, which quantities must be regarded as important for define a specialized organism?

Okay, we could say that if an ecological dimension of an organism is
narrow, we could consider it as specialized. Well, a lamprey is
euryhaline - it could cope with a great salt content variation in
water. It could suck blood of a variety of fishes. What ecological
resource did a lamprey use within a very restrict range?


Roberto Takata