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Re: List User-related request

Roberto Takata wrote:

Popper verisimilitude approach was heavily criticized and his formal
definition for "truth content" was proved wrong by Miller and Tichý,
both in 1974.

Of course, practically everything Popper did was heavily criticized, and falsificaionism as he saw it has largely foundered. However, but my point was not so much that Popper was right, just that the situation regarding truth in science is not clear cut. Sometimes I think chucking it out as the domain of religion is just a trick to avoid endless circular debate with those who must not be mentioned on this list.

w wrote:
> To return to Earth:

That sort of comment is bound to raise hackles. Philosophy is more relevant to dinosaur science than some of the films that get discussed here. I get pretty sick of people dismissing philosophy like it some sort of airy-fairy nonsense... grumble grumble.


John Conway - palaeontographer