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RE: Essentialism and such (was a bunch of previous subject lines)

> From: Jon Barber [mailto:augray@sympatico.ca]
> Was Welman's analysis of the brain, or the brain case? Because I'd be
> *very* interested in reading a paper about the brain of "Syntarsus"
> or Coelophysis, as opposed to the braincase. Were you possibly
> thinking of this?:

Yes, braincase of course, not "brain" proper. (If only we had it...).  And yes, 
that is the reference. Check the dinosaur list
archives for a review of that paper, and then of Gower and Weber's newer 
analysis in 1998.

> Welman, J. 1995. _Euparkeria_ and the origin of birds. South African
> Journal of Science. 91:533-537.

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