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AMNH Announces First Grad School in U.S. Museum

More information at http://www.amnh.org/graduate_school/

"New York,  NY…October 24, 2006…  The American Museum of Natural
History today announced the  establishment of the Richard  Gilder
Graduate School, following approval by the New York State Board of
Regents for the  establishment of a Ph.D.-granting program in
comparative biology within the  Museum.  This marks the first time
that an American museum has been granted the authority to award its
own Ph.D. degree.

"In a significant extension of the  Museum's longstanding role of
training the next generation of scientists,  the Museum's Ph. D.
program will focus on comparative  biology, one of the most exciting
and challenging research areas in the  biological sciences today,
covering the origins, history, and range of life on  Earth.  The
program is grounded in  the Museum's scientific resources, including
its world-renowned collections of  more than 30 million specimens and
cultural artifacts constituting an  irreplaceable record of life, a
legacy of excellence in field discovery and  theoretical advances, the
largest independent natural history library in the  Western
Hemisphere, advanced technological capacity, and an internationally
recognized staff of curators, who will serve as faculty for the Gilder
Graduate  School."