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RE: Essentialism and such (was a bunch of previous subject lines)


First off I apologize for my last message.  I was writing too quickly
and ended up responding more to a different post than to yours, which of
course wasn't fair. I should have slowed down and read more carefully.
Again, my apologies. 

Are you asking that I clarify the difference between Goodwin and
Webster's conception of morphogenetic fields and Sheldrake's?



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> Again, their conception of morphogenetic fields is quite distinct from

> Sheldrake, and the term has been around quite a while.
> Even a cursory glance at the book would clear up most of the above,

Then please explain this, on- or offlist. You're right I haven't read
the book; two university studies don't leave me enough time. I have
barely started reading the 3rd supplement of Glut's encyclopedia, and
still not finished Mesozoic Vertebrate Life or the Jehol Biota book with
the large <drool> photos I bought at the congress in summer -- and then
I'm supposed to read a philosophical book in the typical boring style*

* Judging from the quotes you kindly provided. But I don't see a reason
to expect the rest to be different.