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Re: More Than Meteor Killed the Dinos

The Venus and Moon lava floods are cases of "bleeding from an injection
site," as it were. I've wondered for a few decades if an impactor on a large
body with a liquid core (Earth) might not set that body to ringing like a
bell, and that wherever those harmonics converged (opposite the impact,
perhaps?) could be sufficiently disturbing to cause lava flooding on the
scale of the Deccan traps or the Siberian traps. The Deccan traps, I
realize, are pretty well nailed down to have begun a million years before
the Chicxulub strike, but "pretty well nailed down" isn't the same as
"absotively posilootly nailed down," is it?
Scott Perry
High Mountain Writers' House
Irasburg, Vermont
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> <It is indeed possible that *very* large impacts might generate lava on  a
> large scale. There is no definite proof that this has happened on Earth
> (except on a small scale at Sudbury), but there is one clear case on
> so it can happen.
> Tommy Tyrberg>
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> There are also the various Mare on the moon.
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