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Re: More Than Meteor Killed the Dinos

Not really, because the maria filled up with basalt long after the impacts that created them. This is known from direct dating but is also clear from the stratigraphy. In many cases it is possible to see craters that are clearly younger than the maria but are filled by the same basalt fill as the main mare. Sinus Roris and Stadius are classic cases. Also not all mares are filled with basalt, the South Pole-Aitken basin (the largest of them all) isn't and Mare Orientale only to very limited extent.

Tommy Tyrberg

At 13:08 2006-10-31, Deinonychus47@aol.com wrote:
<It is indeed possible that *very* large impacts might generate lava on a
large scale. There is no definite proof that this has happened on Earth
(except on a small scale at Sudbury), but there is one clear case on Venus,
so it can happen.

Tommy Tyrberg>


There are also the various Mare on the moon.

Lawrence S. Kashdan