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RE: New Titanosaur (Maxakalisaurus) from Brazil

In fact,Santucci and Bertini's paper doesn't describe
a new species,that's in another paper.
Taissa Rodrigues,one of Kellner's students, told me
that the reference for Maxakalisaurus was the

Kellner, AWA; Campos, DA; Azevedo, SAK; Trotta, MNF;
Henriques, DDR; Craik, MMT & Silva, HP. 2006. On a new
titanosaur sauropod from the Bauru Group, Late
Cretaceous of Brazil. Boletim do Museu Nacional
(Geologia) 74: 1-31.

and it's indeed written "Brasil",sorry, my typo
mistake :-)


Mark Van Tomme

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