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RE: Strange thoughts on PN - was Re: BAD vs. BADD

It was also an ex-parrot.


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"Pulchrapollia" does not mean "beautiful parrot" but simply "Pretty Polly". 
At least that is the information I got from one of the authors.

Tommy Tyrberg

At 20:08 2006-09-03, Tim Williams wrote:

>Mike Taylor wrote:
>>No, but parrots are Pollyphyletic.
>Incidentally, this pun isn't as bad as you might think (though it is 
>pretty bad).  In 2000, Gareth Dyke and Joanne Cooper named a new fossil 
>parrot _Pulchrapollia_ ("beautiful parrot").  Thus, "Polly" (for parrot) 
>officially entered the scientific nomenclature.