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RE: Chicxulub's Antipode and eastern Somalia

The proposal of the Shiva Crater is very interesting,
especially that consideration of the Seychelles
related to the "impact" border (when considering a
true impact), and as related to the Deccan traps if
only as consequence of the P-wave convergence in the
antipodes. If the last is true we have three craters,
all of them related each other (Chixculub, USA,
Colombia), isn't it?

On the other hand, how this proposal fits with the
paleogeographical existence of eastern Somalia? I
think I've read it from Rage, as a landmass on eastern
Africa that would contact India by that time or some
few my earlier. This would explain the similarity on
Greater Gondwana faunas with those form Africa
(although this could be easily explained by the
persistence of common fauna in both landmasses).

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