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New Madagascar Papers

Two new papers. . .I haven't seen them posted on-line yet, but I suspect
they should be shortly. The authors should likely have reprints available.

D. W. Krause, P. M. O'Connor, K. Curry Rogers, S. D. Sampson, G. A. Buckley,
and R. R. Rogers. 2006. Late Cretaceous terrestrial vertebrates from
Madagascar: implications for Latin American biogeography. Annals of the
Missouri Botanical Garden 93: 178-208.

An up-to-date summary of what's known about the Late Cretaceous of
Madagascar. It includes some updated faunal lists (with comparisons to other
places in Gondwana), and some very, very nice renderings of the Maevarano
Formation archosaurs by Luci Betti-Nash. Significantly, it includes a
beautiful stippled skull reconstruction of Masiakasaurus (with updated
skeleton), based on the latest materials.  

D. W. Krause. 2006. Science with a social conscience: digging for dinosaurs
and helping children in the land that time forgot. Annals of the Missouri
Botanical Garden 93: 367-368.

Details the Madagascar Ankizy Fund, an absolutely amazing effort that Krause
and others have supported in the Mahajanga Basin field area (and now, into
other parts of the country). Having seen the results of this project
firsthand, I can definitely say that they're making a difference!

Contents of other papers from this issue are available at: