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RE: Troodon v. Pectinodon

--- Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:

> However, if it is demonstrated that the _Troodon_ tooth 
> morphology is shared by more than one species, then _Troodon_ would be a 
> nomen dubium - as happened with _Deinodon_ and _Trachodon_ (both also from 
> the JRF).  If this were to happen, _Pectinodon_, which is also based on 
> teeth, would also be a nomen dubium; whereas  _Stenonychosaurus_ would 
> probably launch a comeback. 
> But this hasn't happened yet.  So _Troodon_ is safe, for the time being.  
> Thus, _Pectinodon_ is a junior synonym of _Troodon_.

Not a full comeback yet, only a 'semi comeback' so far - Troodon inequalis 
(type species of
Stenonychosaurus) is the name now used by Currie, in his most recent paper.

Ref. Currie,P. J. 2005. Theropods including birds. In: Currie & Koppelhus, 
Dinosaur Provincial
Park, Indiana Univeristy Press, Bloomington. Pp 367-397.

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