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Electronic Nomenclator Zoologicus

Taxonomic Informatics Tools for the Electronic Nomenclator Zoologicus 
David P. Remsen, Catherine Norton and David J. Patterson 

Biol. Bull. 210: 18-24. 2006.

ABSTRACT: Given the current trends, it seems inevitable that all biological 
documents will
eventually exist in a digital format and be distributed across the internet. 
New network services
and tools need to be developed to increase retrieval rates for documents and to 
refine data
recovery. Biological data have traditionally been well managed using taxonomic 
principles. As part
of a larger initiative to build an array of names-based network services that 
emulate taxonomic
principles for managing biological information, we undertook the digitization 
of a major taxonomic
reference text, Nomenclator Zoologicus. The process involved replicating the 
text to a high level
of fidelity, parsing the content for inclusion within a database, developing 
tools to enable
expert input into the product, and integrating the metadata and factual content 
within taxonomic
network services. The result is a high-quality and freely available web 
(http://uio.mbl.edu/NomenclatorZoologicus/) capable of being exploited in an 
array of biological
informatics services. 

notes - Discusses the Syntarsus/Megapnosaurus issue breifly, but mainly 
discusses the future of
nomenclatural bookkeeping.

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