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Re: Precisely Dating The KT Boundary

Is the global Iridium layer unique? If so, I suggest "IL" as a substitute for 
"K/T" to avoid future modifications to stratigraphic nomenclature. Or, if not 
unique, but sufficiently unusual, then "IL1, 2, 3...". This assumes of course 
that no forward-looking scientists are going to change the names of the 


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On 9/7/06, Jerry D. Harris <jharris@dixie.edu> wrote:
> Now,
> for the Cenozoic, there are only the Paleogene (Paleocene-Oligocene) and
> Neogene (Miocene-Recent).  Thus, there is no more K/T boundary -- there is
> only the K/P boundary.

I thought "P" was for "Permian". Wouldn't it be the K/Pg boundary? (Or
why not just the M/C boundary?)
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