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RE: The Wonderful World of Weird Tyrannosaurs

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> In this book is an illustration of Tyrannosaurus (I 
> don't know the  artists name) that still gives me pause after fifty or so 
> years. Even back then  I thought it was very odd. It seems as if the artist 
> studied the Zallinger mural  then dropped some acid. I accidentally bumped 
> into it 
> again today. Here it  is:
> http://usscatastrophe.com/kh/wworld/wonderful.world.dino.jpg

I think I speak for everyone here when I say:


> Other scans from the book can be seen here, click on images to  enlarge:
> http://kevinh.blogspot.com/2006/06/wonderful-world.html

I note with... interest... the arboreal Homo erectus/neanderthalensis/cavemen 
and the "First Age Mollusk", aka the graptolite...

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