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Re: The Wonderful World of Weird Tyrannosaurs

Ahhh, the problems of being too stylish... Yes the anatomy is outlandish and I regard it more like a surrealist painting than a paleo-wildlife effort but the it is a powerful piece of artwork (and inspired me a good deal... for the rest of my life!).

Thanks to Donna Braginetz I know now the name of the artist of my childhood: FHK Henrion, educated in the University of Plymouth.

It was an age of innocence regarding the dinosauria... I "forgive" him for being so goodin other ways... others can be just as outlandish and are a lot less forgivable (even today!).

Believe me, if you see

On 8 Sep 2006, at 17:51, David Krentz wrote:

'm still stunned. What is that big shape in front of his head? Is that his leg? Yet, in the background he was competent enough to draw the Triceratops' legs in proper perspective. My guess is that putting the other leg on the carcass was an after thought by some idiot of an art director. The artist probably argued that it wouldn't work...the art director told him he would withhold his foodstamps until he did his bidding. No wonder the artist didn't put his name to it!

David Krentz

Luis Rey

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