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Re: 1970s Children's dino book

In a message dated 9/8/2006 5:01:23 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
deadanimal@hmnh.org writes: 

<< At my first trip to the AMNH as a boy, my parents picked up  The Last of  
the Dinosaurs published by Bellerophon Books. Dense black  and white  
illustrations with everything identified, even the plants!  It includes  
a great picture of Bradycneme as a giant owl peering from  a conifer  
branch while two Struthiosaurus amble past. I was so  impressed with  
this one that I tried to recreate it for a friend by  drawing and  
labelling each of the animals on the pages of a  notepad.

Bellerophon Books still lists it on their website, although it  is sadly  
out of stock: >>    

Check Amazon.com for copies. Written by Rob Long  (_Dawn of the Dinosaurs_)  
and illustrated by Greg Irons, it contained much  state of the art information 
back about 20+ years ago. Disguised as a coloring  book. DV