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"Creation" footage video

The surviving footage for  Willis O'Brien's "Creation" is now online. The 
picture quality is rather poor  here in this transfer, but you can get a 
of the enormous improvements  made since "The Lost World" in both animation 
and sets. The animation in the  silent "The Lost World" was shot at 16 frames 
per second. Sound had to be shot  at about 25 frames per second which also 
greatly enhanced the "resolution" of  the animation (and also the work load of 
animators). Sorry to say the "hero"  animation model's shots were excised and 
cut into the "King Kong" test reel.  That film has been lost, unfortunately. 
It was Marcel Delgado's finest dinosaur  model. DV PS The 1917 date is 
incorrect. 1931 is closer to  it.