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RE: dinosaur gender designations

Umm, maybe 'Cocks' and 'Hens' (and chicks) or should we keep these terms ofr
theropods only.....
Cas Liber

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Subject: dinosaur gender designations

I have a book--A Guide to Dinosaurs, by Brett-Surman--with an illustration
on page 200 of two Chasmosaurus, and this caption: "stags challenging for
My inclination (being from a bovine state) would have been to call them
"bulls," which I suppose would make the females "cows." Is there a propriety
of gender-naming here that I need to know about? And if "stags" is correct,
does that make a female chasmosaurus a "hind"? Or a "doe"?
Scott Perry
High Mountain Writers' House
Irasburg, Vermont