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RE: Wikipedia

Well Mike, I have done some work on getting Diplodocus and Stegosaurus to a
point where they may end up on the front page too (but I don't have
references for several bits and pieces such as the ganglion stuff about
Stegosaurus -also is there any update on the museum at Morrison and whether
they were likely to describe Stegosaurus armatus soon (or have they done so
already and whether that sinks S. ungulatus into synonymy)?

Is there a reference for S. stenops being a bit older than S.
armatus/ungulatus in Morrison strata?

Any help with photos or other info much appreciated

Cas Liber
Psychiatrist by day.....

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Anyone else notice the featured article on the front page of

Grumble, moan.  Freakin' theropods get all the publicity.

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