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Re: Sapeornis and other Mesozoic Birds

On 9/13/06, Roberto Takata <rmtakata@gmail.com> wrote:
On 9/13/06, T. Michael Keesey <keesey@gmail.com> wrote:
> The problem with Benton's form is that if some other vertebrate group
> developed flight feathers and wings convergently with those of
> avialans, and the other group developed them first, the content would
> completely shift. Gauther and de Queiroz' definition, OTOH, is linked
> to a specific taxon (Vultur gryphus) which it can never exclude.

I do not worry much about that

Well, the example I gave is unlikely (Longisquama ["parafeathered"] and pterosaurs [winged] are as close as we have to that), but it's still an important point in principle.

(actually, as far as remember - but do
not rely on my memory, I'm not getting much phosphorus in my diet -
Benton criticize those definitions...).

Let's say that _Vultur gryphus_ was preocupied by a beetle, any
definition based on _V. gryphus_ would shift too if we do not ammend
the definition. Or, let's say _V. gryphus_ is removed to a highly
derived pterosaur clade, the effect would be the same (well, except
for the _V. gryphus_ itself).

Since the PhyloCode requires citations to be provided with species names, no change would be necessary. There is a proposal in the works for simple "bookkeeping"-type emendations, although one would not be needed in this case.

(And, actually, V. gryphus can't be preoccupied by anything, since
it's in Linnaeus 1758!)

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T. Michael Keesey
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