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Re: Sapeornis and other Mesozoic Birds

On 9/13/06, T. Michael Keesey <keesey@gmail.com> wrote:
Since the PhyloCode requires citations to be provided with species
names, no change would be necessary. There is a proposal in the works
for simple "bookkeeping"-type emendations, although one would not be
needed in this case.

It could be provided citations to apomorphies too.

(And, actually, V. gryphus can't be preoccupied by anything, since
it's in Linnaeus 1758!)

(Mononychus was preoccupied by a beetle...)

I know it was just a discussion about principles - since not all
specifiers to be used in the PhyloCode definitions will be from
Linnaeus. And there will be cases of nomina nuda, reticulated
speciation, and so on.

I was not saying that PhyloCode will not have any utility - I agree
that it will be very useful. Just that - and it is an old argument -
that the intended stabilization is a kind of chimera.


Roberto Takata