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Re: Dino books for Amateurs

Just got back from your link with your reviews. Thanks for the effort that
went into that. I have recently acquired a few others that fit the bill
(under $50).

A Guide to Dinosaurs, cons. ed., Michael K. Brett-Surman, c 2000 (San
Francisco: Fog City Press) 255 pp.

Dinosaurus: The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs, Steve Parker, c 2003 (Buffalo,
NY: Firefly Books) 448 pp.

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (Peter Dodson listed as a consultant), c 2002
(Lincolnwood, IL: Publications International) 264 pp (nice art)
All three of these seem like reasonable compilations to me, but I'm too
ignorant to pass precise judgment on their scientific worthiness. No
egregious errors...
Scott Perry
High Mountain Writers' House
Irasburg, Vermont
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> Ian Paulsen writes:
>  > I was wondering what Dino books you would recommend for Amateurs
>  > that are UNDER $50.00??
> Without a moment's hesitation -- _The Complete Dinosaur_, edited by
> Farlow and Brett Surman.  Brief review at
> http://www.miketaylor.org.uk/dino/books/index.html#tcd
> Ludicrous value at $31 from amazon:
> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0253213134/thedinosaurrea0a
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