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new dinosaur track book

Well, this time I get to crow about one of my own publications.  I'm
happy to announce publication of

J.O. Farlow, W. Langston, Jr., E.E. Deschner, R. Solis, W. Ward, B. L.
Kirkland, S. Hovorka, T. L. Reece, and J. Whitcraft.  2006.  Texas
Giants: Dinosaurs of the Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country, 105
pp.  Available from the museum, P.O. Box 1598, Canyon Lake, TX  78133;
phone (830) 899-4542.  I have no information about price.

This is my latest contribution to what feels like a never-ending
project, description of the dinosaur footprint fauna of the Glen Rose
Formation of Texas.  This is a detailed description of a single site
near San Antonio.  Although there are heaps of data, photos, etc., in
it, we tried to write the booklet/monograph in such a way as to be
accessible to non-specialist readers.  This work summarizes much of my
current thoughts about how to study tridactyl dinosaur footprints. 
There are lots of pretty pictures of footprints and foot skeletons,
and--prettiest of all--some lovely color paintings by Mike Skrepnick,
some of them done specifically for this book.

All proceeds of sales of this will be used by the museum to conserve
and develop its dinosaur track resource.

I plan to bring a copy to show off at SVP.