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Species name etymology

Dear DMLers,
I'm attempting to nail down the etymology of some species names. I'd really appreciate your collected wisdom on confirming, correcting and completing the below list. In anticipation, thanks.

AVIMIMUS portentosus - Possibly "portentous" = of monumental significance, because Avimimus was such an important find

BACTROSAURUS johnsoni - Johnson?


CHAMOSAURUS belli - In honor of John Bell Hatcher, a fossil collector of 19th century United States or in reference to the Belly River ?

COELOPHYSIS bauri - In honor of Georg Herman Baur, who was at one time Marsh's collector, but later wrote articles on Marsh's inaccurate illustrations - correct?

DRYOSAURUS altus - Altus (Latin) = "high" or "deep" - why?

EDMONTONIA longiceps - Longus (Latin) = "long" and -ceps - why?

EUOPLOCEPHALUS tutus - Tutus (Latin) = "safe" referring to the security afforded by its armour - (wild guess on my part)

GALLIMIMUS bullatus - Bhel = "to inflate or swell", referring to the inflated braincase area of the skull - correct?

MAMENCHISAURUS constructus - Constrictus (Latin) = "compress" - why?

ORNITHOLESTES hermanni - Herman?

PROTOCERATOSAURUS bradleyi - In honor of Wilmot Hyde Bradley, distinguished geologist and Chief Geologist of the U.S. Geological Survey - correct?

RHOETOSAURUS brownie - In honor of Henry York Lyell Brown, a geologist responsible for many vertebrate fossils found in Australia - correct?


STRUTHIOMIMUS altus - Altus (Latin) = "high" or "deep" - why?

TROODON formosus - Forma (Latin) = "shape", perhaps referring to the form of the teeth - correct?