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Re: Species name etymology

COELOPHYSIS bauri - In honor of Georg Herman Baur, who was at one
time Marsh's collector, but later wrote articles on Marsh's
inaccurate illustrations - correct?

Yes, except he's Hermann.

DRYOSAURUS altus - Altus (Latin) = "high" or "deep" - why?


EDMONTONIA longiceps - Longus (Latin) = "long" and -ceps - why?


EUOPLOCEPHALUS tutus - Tutus (Latin) = "safe" referring to the
security afforded by its armour - (wild guess on my part)

Bingo! :-)

GALLIMIMUS bullatus - Bhel = "to inflate or swell", referring to the
inflated braincase area of the skull - correct?

What, did you go all the way back to reconstructed Proto-Indo-European? What you need is Latin bulla. Yes, it is about the inflated part.

MAMENCHISAURUS constructus - Constrictus (Latin) = "compress" - why?

There is no typo involved. You cannot derive "constructus" from "constrictus". The name is meant to honor the construction workers who found the skeleton. Of course it doesn't work; as it stands, the name just means "built".

ORNITHOLESTES hermanni - Herman?

Some guy whose surname was Hermann...

RHOETOSAURUS brownie - In honor of Henry York Lyell Brown, a
geologist responsible for many vertebrate fossils found in Australia - correct?

*R. browni* of course... are you using a spellchecker? :o)


After someone named Li...

STRUTHIOMIMUS altus - Altus (Latin) = "high" or "deep" - why?

Tall again.

TROODON formosus -

"Splendid" or something. Taiwan used to be known as Formosa because it was covered with a lush subtropical jungle.