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Re: Species name etymology

Thanks to Jay and David and some extra digging this is my current list. Any comments?

AVIMIMUS portentosus - Possibly "portentous" = of monumental significance, because Avimimus was such an important find ?

CARNOTAURUS sastrei - referring to the Estancia Pocho Sastre, Patagonia

CHAMOSAURUS belli - referring to the Belly River

COELOPHYSIS bauri - In honor of Georg Hermann Baur, who was at one time Marsh's collector, but later wrote articles on Marsh's inaccurate illustrations

DRYOSAURUS altus - Altus (Latin) = "Tall", referring to its gracile form ?

EDMONTONIA longiceps - Longus (Latin) = "long" and -ceps, referring to the length of the species head

EUOPLOCEPHALUS tutus - Tutus (Latin) = "safe", referring to the security afforded by its armour

GALLIMIMUS bullatus - Bulla (Latin) = "stud" or "boss", referring to the inflated braincase area of the skull

MAMENCHISAURUS constructus - constructus (Latin) = "built", in honour of the construction workers who discovered the type skeleton

ORNITHOLESTES hermanni - In honour of Adam Herman, preparator of the type specimen

PROTOCERATOSAURUS bradleyi - In honour of its discoverer, F. Lewis Bradley

RHOETOSAURUS brownei - In honour of A. J. Browne, manager at the then Durham Downs Station

SHUNOSAURUS lii - Named for Beng Lii, a hydrologist and governor of olden Sichuan province

STRUTHIOMIMUS altus - Altus (Latin) = "Tall", perhaps referring to its gracile form ?

TROODON formosus - Referring to the island of Formosa and alluding to the splendor of the island and of the specimen.

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