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RE: Species name etymology

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> Steve Walsh
> Thanks to Jay and David and some extra digging this is my current
> list. Any comments?
> AVIMIMUS portentosus - Possibly "portentous" = of monumental
> significance, because Avimimus was such an important find ?

If memory serves, because it potends the appearance of birds (even though it 
was long after the origin of birds...).

> GALLIMIMUS bullatus - Bulla (Latin) = "stud" or "boss",

Actually, from "wearing the bulla", the latter being a gold capsule worn around 
the neck of noble Roman youths. Osmolska et al.
specify that is the origin of the name, in reference to the bulbous 
parasphenoid capsule. And yes, I ripped of that word as the
origin of "Bullatosauria." (Kind of miss those guys...)

> referring to
> the inflated braincase area of the skull

> TROODON formosus - Referring to the island of Formosa and alluding to
> the splendor of the island and of the specimen.
I can't imagine Leidy ACTUALLY referenced Formosa when he named this tooth. I 
would imagine he was simply thinking "splendid".
However, we don't know, as the Leidy 1856 paper doesn't include etymologies.

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