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Re: Carnotaurus sastrei etymology

I don't have the publication here, but as I know the
place and people, I think Bona named it honoring only
Don Angel Sastre.

 --- "Jaime A. Headden" <qilongia@yahoo.com> escribió:

> Roberto Takata (rmtakata@gmail.com) wrote:
> <Hmmm, is that case, must not _Carnotaurus_ specific
> epithet be _sastreorum_?>
>   I do not think so, as it is far past the Dec 31st,
> 1999 cut off date for the
> 3rd edition ICZN for correcting spellings (though I
> may be wrong as completely
> erroneous spellings that cannot exist under Latin or
> Greek rules MUST be
> corrected anyway under the 4th edition ICZN.
> However, Bonaparte has stated the
> name honors the owner of the ranch, Doctor (or Don?)
> Angel Sastre, rather than
> for the ranch itself (which would still be in the
> masculine personal plural, I
> think, not a collective plural) or the two of them.
> I believe Don Sastre gave
> the fossil to Bonaparte and the MACN, or sold it, as
> a token.
>   Cheers.
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