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Re: Triassic critter

<<Does any one recognize this Triassic critter...
Koiliskiosaurus koburgensis>>

I recognize Coburg, as it's in northeast Bavaria.  This prompted me to nip
down to the lounge and check Deutschland in der Urzeit by Ernst Probst.  The
index contains /Koiloskiosaurus coburgensis/ (that's the spelling here),
calls it a Stammreptil ('a stem reptile') and directs me to pages 117 and
134.  Now, if you'd kindly help to turn the pages...

Page 117 tells me it's indeed from near Coburg from the Buntsandstein of the
Triassic.  A footnote informs me it was described by F von Huene in 1911.
It's referred to as a Hohlsaurier, which apparently have some amphibian-like
characteristics.  Skipping to page 134 usefully directs me to page 117
without adding anything new.