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RE: PDF of the Coelophysis cannibalism paper & Triassic critter

Dan Varner wrote:


I guess _Coelophysis_ was the original "Crocodile Hunter".

Theropods and crocodylomorphs must have had a very interesting dynamic, in terms of their relative positions in the food chain. In the "Dinosaur Eggs and Babies" volume, Kirkland (1994) presented circumstantial evidence that cursorial crocodylomorphs (mesosuchians, in this case) might have preyed upon dinosaur eggs, including those of theropods, in the Late Jurassic.

David Marjanovic wrote:

  /Koiloskiosaurus coburgensis/ (that's the spelling here),

It's an Early Triassic procolophonid. The name, "hollow-skeleton lizard",

How does one derive ""hollow-skeleton lizard" from this? I get the "koilos" (="coelos") and "saurus" parts, but what's the etymology behind the middle part?