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Palaeos redux

    Palaeos is now officially back online! The new wiki format is
available on www.palaeos.org. Content is being transferred over from
the old www.palaeos.com as people can put in the time. The old site
has been reopened unofficially, and will probably remain in place,
but the plan is that over time it will become streamlined and be
devoted to high-graphic pages, detailed analyses, and other such
matter that can't really be handled on the wiki site. www.palaeos.org
will hold the greater amount of info.
    As a wiki, of course, www.palaeos.org is able to be edited by
anyone, and we would encourage anyone to do so. This site will only
be as good as people are willing to make it! The only request is that
it was agreed that a policy of non-anonymity would be preferred, so
if you do want to edit, please create an account and put your name to
anything you do.


        Christopher Taylor